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We optimize our work through improvement of technical capacities

Over the years Al Mar Consulting has gained vast experience conducting various surveys on tablets using specialized software ready to implement the project of any complexity. The capabilities of tablets are comparable to computers and laptops, but they are more mobile and much easier for users.

We recognize the value of our clients' resources and time. We are effective project managers, and our well-developed quality management procedures provide quality services to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. Based on our experience in serving our clients and the best project management practices around the world, we have developed a set of project implementation principles and practices that guide our teams to serve our clients to the extent of their interests.

The tablet survey has many advantages, such as:

  • Operational efficiency - is the ability to upload collected data from the software on a tablet several times a day during the field work. All data are consolidated to a single server of our company, which provides access to the received data 24 hours a day, regardless of the region of the survey.
  • Reduction of interview duration - automated control of questionnaire filling, that is, the interviewer does not need to monitor transitions between questions in the printed questionnaire, which saves time and excludes possible errors. On average, one interviewer can conduct at least 5 interviews per day. Thus, the minimum total capacity of our system is up to 60 interviews per day.
  • Minimization of input errors - software does not allow you to choose answer option that is not logically appropriate. In addition, the software does not allow to leave the question unanswered or choose more options than necessary;
  • Monitoring - it is possible to track the GPS location of the interviewer at the time of the survey, the duration of each interview separately, to make audio records of interviews and photo reports from "fields".
  • The key advantage of the software is the possibility to work offline - without connection to the network. The Internet is only needed to transfer completed work to the server.
  • Security and storage - unlike cloud solutions, the software is installed on our server. All collected data from "fields" are transferred in encrypted form and get only to the server. The server room of the company has high security level, all information is collected and stored, both on the server in the office and is being duplicated to the cloud server. Data is not transferred or stored with a third party.
  • Media demos - you can use pictures, videos, presentations, and other media files in your research.
  • Multilingual - it is possible to conduct survey in two languages at once.
  • Photo and audio report - during the survey you can take necessary photos and audio records of the interview.
  • Respondents 'perception - people are more interested to take part in interviews on tablet than on paper.

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