Project - SRV/CS/03: Syrdarya Water Supply - Social Assessments for future Sewerage Project for future sewerage project
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PROJECT TITLE: Project - SRV/CS/03: Syrdarya Water Supply - Social Assessments for future Sewerage Project for future sewerage project

CLIENT: Syrdarya Regional Suvokova (SRVK) / International Development Association (IDA)

PERIOD: 2015


The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan (GoU) has received credit from the International Development Association (IDA) to improve water supply in 5 districts of Syrdarya Region through the implementation of the Syrdarya Water Supply Project. A part of this credit will be applied in contracting Al Mar Consulting to conduct a Social Assessment (SA) for future sewerage project in Gulistan, Yangier and Shirin cities.

The purpose of the SA is to assist the GoU in determining the social feasibility of the proposed sewerage investments as well as to ensure that the project contributes to building ownership in the proposed sanitation improvements; contributes to poverty reduction; identifies any potential social issues, negative impacts, or risks related to the project; identifies measures that may be needed to help mitigate those impacts or risks; establishes baseline data for social monitoring and evaluation; and identifies measures that the provider of wastewater management services in each city could adopt to strengthen its consumer orientation and thus improve its interactions with service users.


Al Mar Consultingl completed the following task:
Task 1: Policy Framework for Involuntary Resettlement

The proposed project triggered the World Bank (or IsDB) Operational Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (OP 4.12) because there was a likelihood that the investment would require land acquisition and/or the possible displacement of persons or economic activities. Because the exact locations and affected persons or enterprises were not yet known, the borrower was required to prepare a Resettlement Policy Framework. The Framework clarified the policies that will guide any acquisition of land and/or the relocation of persons and economic activities to ensure that the investment will not impose severe economic, social, or environmental risks to the affected parties. Under this task, Al Mar Consulting:

-Carry out a reconnaissance of the proposed project areas to determine the extent to which the land is occupied or used for agricultural or commercial activities (both by formal and informal users);

-Identify any direct economic and social impacts that would result from the GoU having to take the land for project-related construction;

-Draft the Resettlement Policy Framework to meet the requirements of OP/BP 4.12 and related guidance provided by the Client and the World Bank/ IsDB; and, organize consultation sessions with affected people and other key stakeholders on the Resettlement Policy Framework

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