First ETF workshop 2015 on vocational education in Uzbekistan
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PROJECT TITLE: First ETF workshop 2015 on vocational education in Uzbekistan

CLIENT: The European Training Foundation (ETF)

PERIOD: 2015


Al Mar Consulting efficiently organised the event, ensuring all logistics were taken care of in time to allow for smooth implementation and ideal working conditions, in close consultation with the responsible ETF contact person and, where relevant, national stakeholders.


Al Mar Consulting undertook all tasks related to event organization, including:

-Sending invitation letters (and registration forms) in Russian to the list of invitees agreed with ETF. The invitation letter template in English will be provided by the ETF

-Liaising with the National Centre for Specialized Secondary Professional Education of Uzbekistan and with other relevant institutions for which contact details will be provided by the ETF in due time

-Following up on the confirmation of participants

-Travel arrangements for up to 10 local participants, if required

-Accommodation (indicatively, 3-star quality) and dinner for up to 5 local participants from the regions, if required

-Meals for event participants according to agenda of the events: one served lunch, two coffee breaks and water on the table during each event

-Finding a meeting room(s) with natural light as appropriate according to the agenda, number of participants and duration of the events, ensuring smooth implementation and ideal working conditions. This always includes a large room with tables in "U" or "square" shape to facilitate communication and a second smaller room whenever the agenda indicates split into discussion groups. Rental of the meeting rooms should take place only after agreement with the responsible ETF contact person

-High quality simultaneous interpretation English / Russian / Uzbek (two interpreters)

-Technical equipment: interpretation equipment, microphones and full sounds system (depending on interpretation needs and/or meeting size), video projector, laptop for power point and video projector, screens, flip charts (with paper and pens), easy access to printer, photocopier

-High quality translation English / Uzbek / Russian of materials for the event purposes (max 20 pages per each event) if required

-Preparation of badges and nameplates

-Duplication and distribution of printed materials related to the events

-Preparation of participants’ folders including agenda, list of participants and event materials (must bear ETF logo)

-Distribution of seminar materials to stakeholders, e.g., school directors, Centre for Secondary Specialized and Vocational Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Security (if requested)

-Ensuring presence of ETF logo and title of project/event on all signs, documents, folders, etc. and on the banner to be placed at the venues main entrance to orient participants

-Ensuring the relevant English speaking administrative, technical and secretarial support to allow for the smooth organisation and implementation of the events

-Provision of detailed minutes including all discussion points and results in English and Russian, as well as power point presentations in the annex, seven working days after the meeting

-Ensuring that all participants sign the participants list for each day of the events

-For saving the environment, at the end of the event gathering plastic badges, remaining folders and any other materials that can be recycled to the following ETF event in Uzbekistan.

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