Central Asia: Capacity Building Program for a Labour Risk Assessment in EBRD financed projects – Phase 1
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PROJECT TITLE: Central Asia: Capacity Building Program for a Labour Risk Assessment in EBRD financed projects – Phase 1

CLIENT: Ergon Associates / EBRD

PERIOD: march 2020 - february 2022


a) strengthen capacity of local clients, project implementation partners, and other key stakeholders to conduct a labour risk assessment for EBRD’s current and potential clients through on-the-job training (OJT) activities;

(b) develop a toolkit for clients on planning and carrying out a labour risk assessment in agribusiness and construction sectors;

(c) prepare ready-to-use training modules on how to prepare for and conduct a labour risk assessment of an extended supply chains, construction camps, accommodation facilities etc; and (d) deliver a series of training and workshops aimed at knowledge sharing and experience exchange amongst clients within Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries


Task 1: Background research and desk review of good practice. Initial desk research will summarise challenges and examples of good practice relating to identifying, addressing and monitoring child and forced labour in Uzbekistan, and will identify other key PR2 compliance risks relevant to EBRD investments in agribusiness, construction and textiles, including assessment of the implications of the policy shift toward cotton-textile clusters.

Task 2: Toolkit on planning and conducting a labour risk assessment for clients in agribusiness and construction. We will develop a modular toolkit covering all aspects of EBRD PR2, including a complete set of tools and methodologies for carrying out labour risk assessments, and guidance on interpreting results, assessing risk levels and potential next steps.

Task 3: Capacity Building Program. Implementation of the OJT coaching and other capacity building activities for the EBRD on-going projects and selection of the other clients in agribusiness and construction sectors.

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